Treat infections in your horse effectively with horse oral medications

Horses are gorgeous-looking and loyal animals. But owning them comes with heavy responsibility in terms of care and time commitment. You should pay special attention to their health as injuries and diseases may result in severe consequences for your equine’s life. Often, a course of antibiotics is the only way to get your horse on the road to recovery. Looking for a place to order horse antibiotics over the counter? Stop by the Horse Medication Shop to access a wide range of equine antibiotics, from Nitromax to Catosal.

Even though visiting a veterinarian may be costly, it’s the best way to ensure your horse gets the right treatment. Various bacteria can cause infections, so it’s better not to buy oral antibiotics for horses before you know what’s behind your animal’s symptoms. 

Unlike other animals, horses have unique and sensitive gastrointestinal tracts. Your veterinarian will likely run tests to determine what antibiotics your horse can tolerate. If you skip this stage, your horse may experience unwanted effects like diarrhea or colic. Better safe than sorry.  

How to administer equine oral antibiotics

Making a stubborn horse take substances they will unlikely find delicious can be tricky. Many horse oral medications like doxycycline come flavored, so it’s easy to disguise them in your horse’s food. Or you can combine them with sugar-free applesauce or fresh carrot juice.

Horse Medication Shop offers equine medications in different forms, including pills, powder, and fluid. If you find it challenging to treat your horse to tablets because of their large size, grind them to get a powder-like texture. As overdosage can wreak havoc on your horse’s immune system, you should only give antibiotics as prescribed. Use dosing syringes to define the right amount of medication.

Buy oral medications online at Horse Medication Shop

Your horse’s health is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we only cooperate with tried-and-true pharmaceutical brands and ensure you can get whatever your horse needs at a better price.

If you need oral medications for your livestock other than horses, we’re here to help too. Browse further to find antibiotics for cattle, dogs, and even pigeons.

You don’t need to leave your home when shopping for oral antibiotics for horses and other animals at Horse Medication Shop. Fill in your cart with the necessary medications and have your order delivered in a timely fashion!

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